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Current Issue

Welcome To Focus TV and Our Preview of The Empowerment  Issue

July 2018 Issue

What does EMPOWERMENT mean to you? rough Focus, we feature strong and in uential people who inspire us to live our best lives and to pursue our passions. We are most impressed when these people are speaking their truths and living life on their own terms, following their hearts and dreams. eir common denominator is usually that of an empowered individual, someone who teaches us by example, to take responsibility for our actions and to live a life that is honest and strong. Usually, someone with intense determination to do the things they are passionate about. It is our absolute joy to share their stories with you, so that you too may be inspired and begin to follow your passions.

In pursuit of our mission to inspire and entertain, in this issue we bring you some amazing stories of Empowerment. Our cover feature could not be a more tting choice. We are thrilled to bring you the story of Kelly Noonan Gores, Filmmaker and creator of the acclaimed documentary Heal. Her goal in making this life-changing lm was to empower people to take control of their own health, and to live their strongest and healthiest lives. She illustrates the power of our minds and the ways we can heal and nurture our bodies and souls. You can empower yourself to change; heal from within and alter the direction of your life.

We also had the honor of sitting down to chat with two superstars in entertainment. Mark Teschner, most known as the casting director of General Hospital for the past 28 years, shares his journey and discusses his midas touch for casting some of the best roles on TV.

And talk about empowerment, Ellen Rakieten is a powerhouse in the industry as the co-creator and producer of the Oprah Winfrey show for 23 years.
We loved hearing her story, her steady climb to the top – this creative and determined business gal doesn’t stop.

MUCH more inside, from how to go through a divorce and start your new life with ease, to a behind-the-scenes taste of a chic, cozy and new, family-owned restaurant with a lot of heart, Davenport’s.

Here’s to living our truths, and following our passions!

#communitypowered #lovefocus

Also in this issue, Focus Food editor Tambi Saffran visits the amazing new waldorf astoria and its executive chef Steven Benjamin. We have travel in this issue as well with Focus Travel editor Wendy Brokaw Kretchmer providing an amazing guide for travel to Milan. This issue is packed with additional features, photos and highlights from the new Focus TV Network which is Americas First Streaming Video Talk Show Network.

Pick up your copy today, you are going to love it!!!!!

Visit Focus Magazine

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